L-BAR is an interactive multi-media trip down a very important road, alley, dark street, underground space—
The lesbian bar* 

Lesbian Bar
Oral history Project 
come hang out and meet us in the bar 

*quote Marie Cartier, author of Baby, You Are My Religion: Women, Gay Bars, and Theology Before Stonewall.

 Visit lesbian bars from around the globe that opened their doors from 1925–2005. Hang out virtually in these historic spaces online 24 hours and 7 days a week. 

 L-BAR shuts down Dec.31st 

Closing events at  L-BAR  

Visit the bars and gay women's spaces inside L-BAR for the last time in this iteration. The future of L-BAR is uncertain. Invite your friends to meet you inside.

In L-BAR spaces, you’ll hear interviews with former bar-goers, serving as an oral history, especially of pre-Stonewall butch-femme bars.
"In those bars, we were not oppressed,” said poet Chrystos.

Oral history contributors to the L-BAR experience include


Kitty Tsui

Jewelle Gomez

Joan Nestle

Lillian Faderman

Saundra Tignor

Chela Plush


Barbara Kahn

Carolyn Weathers

Jonathan Ned Katz

Nancy Valverde

Andi Seagal

Pat King

Lila Thirkield

Susie Smith

Cristina Schlesinger

The interactive, online lesbian bar and “herstory” project is open to everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender identity.