L-BAR is an immersive, virtual, lesbian bar storyworld. The bars are created based on photographs, writings and interviews with former bar patrons and bar owners, to create the interactive online bar and salon spaces that make up this collaborative story-world.



Marie Cartier's book, Baby You Are My Religion; Women, Gay bars, and Theology before Stonewall is the inspiration for this project. Inside L-BAR you can hang out, meet up, and learn about lesbian history while experiencing lesbian and gay women's spaces that existed between 1925 and 2005. The interactive, online lesbian bar and “herstory” project is open to everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender identity.

In L-BAR spaces, you’ll hear oral histories with former bar-goers, whose portraits and audio interviews are part of the storyworld’s “herstory” experience. 



Oral Histories inside L-BAR


Jewelle Gomez; author, poet, critic, playwright 

Interview inside the Duchess, New York


Kitty Tsui; poet, activist

Interview inside Peg's Place, San Francisco

Lillian Faderman; scholar of lesbian and LGBT history and literature, as well as ethnic history and literature. Inside Club Laurel, Los Angeles
Andi Seagal; secretary. Interview inside Joani Presents, Los Angeles

Joan Nestle; activist,writer, co-founder of Lesbian Herstory Archives

Interview inside the Sea Colony, New York

Saundra Tignor; retired nurse. Interview inside the Star Room, Los Angeles

Nancy Valverde; activist,barber, bar owner. Interview inside Redhead, Los Angeles

Chrystos; activist, poet. Inside Romeo's Pizza, San Francisco

Jonathan Ned Katz; author, independent scholar and history activist, founder of OutHistory.org. 
Inside Eve's Hangout, New York 

Christina Schlesinger; painter and muralist. Inside Big Brother's, Los Angeles

Barbara Kahn; playwright and actor. Inside Eve's Hangout, New York 

Carolyn Weathers; Librarian, activist, Interview inside Bacchanal 70

Lila Thirkield; Owner of the Lexington Club

Inside the Lexington Club, San Francisco


Susie Smith; Filmmaker, Lexington Club Documentary
Interview inside the Lexington Club, San Francisco

L-BAR is open 24 hours 7 days a week. L-BAR is a living project; new bars and queer women's spaces are added every month.