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Use a computer please

I'm sad to announce that the platform that I've been using to build L-BAR is shutting down. The platform is called ohyay and it is magical. There is nothing else like it. It allowed me to make an immersive world that was entirely web-based—that accessibility was really important to me. I'm so grateful that they allowed me and loads of creators to play, create, and dream on it. L-BAR will continue in another iteration. I'm currently looking for ways to do that.  

They shut down on March 31st. The L-BAR world is open 24/7 until then.

Hang out and share the link as you wish

Host your own events and parties

Always FREE


Marie Cartier said, "We as gay people need to learn to be proud of the history we have and not search for a history to be proud of.” 

I made this project to honor our history and be inside of it. I hope that you have enjoyed this version of L-BAR.



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